Frequently Asked Questions...see also Travel Tips


  • Why do I need a Travel Agent?
    • There are many reasons to use our travel agency. First of all you will be dealing with an individual who has a great deal of knowledge about travel in general. We are able to advise you about hazards and potential problems that you may not be aware of. Our agents have access to rates and packages that you may not have access to.  We will follow your booking through from our first conversation until you return and beyond. In the rare case when a problem arises we may be able to help resolve the issue.
  • Isn't it cheaper to do it myself?
    • Not really, in fact you may save money using a travel agent. Oftentimes the agent has a wider range of options to choose from. Travel incentives and discounts may be available that are not make know to the public. There is no added fee for many services that a travel agent performs for you, for example booking a cruise, escorted tour or a vacation package.
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    • We recommend travel insurance for most of the tours, cruises and vacations that we book. The main reason we feel so strongly about it is that travel insurance guarantees that if a medical emergency occurs during your trip (and we all know that emergencies can occur at anytime), that an English speaking doctor will be found for you and that if need be you are evacuated to an accredited hospital and home if required. Travel insurance also covers you for lost baggage, delays in travel, and trip cancellation or interruption. We believe that having this coverage will help you to have a relaxing, worry free trip. We feel so strongly about this that we require our clients to sign a waiver if they refuse the insurance when we feel it is essential.